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October 09, 2012

Susty Party: More Than Your Average Party

by Hannah Jang, Chief Blogger

Ever feel guilty about the waste produced from using plastic plates and utensils when hosting a party? Susty Party is the solution. Created to provide everything for an eco-friendly party, the Susty Party has it all: utensils, cups, straws, plates, napkins, and decorations. Emily Doubilet, Founder of Susty Party has made it especially easy for local New Yorkers by providing composting and free order pick-up. So, you can have your guilt-free party, cake AND eat it too! 

How did you come up with the idea for Susty Party?

Shortly after graduating from Oberlin College, I was living in New York City, working as a sustainability director at a manufacturing company, and creating events as a performance artist. I've always been interested in the intersection between art and the environment. I believe people need to laugh and be entertained in order to truly appreciate nature and the world around us. I became obsessed with making the events and parties that I threw as eco-friendly as possible, but I was having difficulty sourcing tableware. I decided to create Susty Party to meet the need for eco-friendly party supplies and to help people party sustainably!

What makes Susty Party eco-friendly and sustainable? 

Sustainability is a continuum and nothing can really be 100% sustainable. It's a moving target and we're trying to shift industries and consumer products to achieve greater and greater sustainability. The products created by Susty Party or curated and sold by sustyparty.com earn at least three badges in our badge system. We're also a certified YouthTrade social enterprise and a B Corporation – so we have structures in place to value environment and community just as much as financial returns to shareholders.

What are your best-selling products? 

Best-sellers are our Susty Party plates, bowls and straws that just launched into Whole Foods Markets!

How do you carry out a successful composting process? (i.e. After Party Take Back Program)

We offer a take back program only for our New York customers, but we hope to expand certain take back points across the country. We hope to partner with other manufacturers and retailers of compostable consumer products to provide more opportunities for people to compost nationwide.

Can you share some of your top tips for a great green party?

- Clearly label recycling, compost and landfill bins. Our signage might help!

- For house parties, tell guests to LEAVE plastic bags at home (no plastic bag policy).

- Source food and beverage from local producers. If you're a local in Brooklyn with us – shout out to all the food vendors at Smorgasburg!

- Check our Event Guide for more tips and tricks.


About Emily Doubilet Emily-and-jessica-of-susty-party

Emily Doubilet grew up with an appreciation for nature and for parties! With underwater photographer
parents, she marveled at the natural world from a young age, and as an Environmental Studies major at
Oberlin College, she studied how to preserve it. As a performer, musician and entertainer, she wanted to help people laugh and have fun while protecting the planet. This led her to found Susty Party.


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Susty Party is an ideal party to follow. By doing this, we can help and contribute a lot in our environment by recycling things especially in hosting a party.

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Thanks Susty Party for a great contribution to Mother Earth! This modern times, we need to be creative on how to host a party at the same time be environmentally friendly.

Sil Miller

This is a great idea! I never really thought about how much we waste when it comes hosting parties. I looked it up and found out that parties and events generate the second largest amount of waste in the US. This is just such a great idea, I really am glad someone came up with this idea. I also believe that this concept could be expanded on. Maybe do different themes on the products, or you could even do all party supplies into recyclable products.

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