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October 2012

October 29, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship Article Round Up

Social Enterprises, Jobs and Hope

The relevance and impact of social enterprise can transcend many industries, cultures and countries in creating social change. A recent opinion piece by George R. Roberts, co-founder of the esteemed private-equity fund Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), in the Wall Street Journal has discussed “The Social-Enterprise Approach to Job Creation.”

Through the help of a social venture known as the Community Housing Partnership in San Francisco, a former drifter and drug addict was able to get off drugs, find permanent employment and essentially turn his life around. The article goes on to discuss how “social enterprise partnerships between the public and private sectors are providing millions of Americans—young and old—a second chance.”

“Social-enterprise employees earn wages and pay taxes, reducing their recidivism rates and dependence on government assistance. They also receive crucial on-the-job training, job-readiness skills, literacy instruction and, if necessary, the counseling and mental-health services they need to move into the mainstream workforce.”

This sounds an awful lot like the work we do with artisans. As we work with artisans in countries such as India and Cambodia, we work with them to ensure they earn fair wages, receive crucial training, have the necessary skills and instruction to create market-ready designs, and receive all sorts of other support to develop their personal lives and their communities.

While the article states that the motivation behind the support is to keep people in school, out of prison and off government assistant, it also touches on a deeper factor: hope. By providing individuals with jobs, we are providing them with hope. Similarly, by supporting artisans in some of the most impoverished parts of the world to improve their lives and their communities through sustainable employment, we are providing them with hope. The hope that their lives could be better through their own hard work.

As the article says: “And if you don’t have hope, what do you really have?”

Read the full article here.

13 Lessons From A Great Social Entrepreneur, Pamela Atkinson

A great article on 13 lessons learned by Pamela Atkinson, “an advisor to the last three governors in Utah, an Elder in the First Presbyterian Church and a tireless advocate for the homeless and refugees in Utah.” Here is a summary of the things we found relevant to social entrepreneurs in this list:

1. Ego has no role in service

2. Collaboration

3. Don’t “be afraid to speak out”

4. Never let issues interfere with relationships

5. Transparency is the key to success

6. Small things make a difference

7. Everyone can do something

8. If she can do it, so can I

9. Avoid Emotional Bankruptcy

Read the full article here.

Shopanthropic is an ethical fashion accessories collection working with artisans in India, Nepal and Cambodia in creating designer-inspired pieces at an affordable price.

October 23, 2012

Women for Women Series featuring Nicole Stubbs from First Access

Join us as we kick off a brand new series for NYWSE members to help each other reach their goals!


Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012 
Time: 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. (EST)
Location: Jump Associates, 915 Broadway

REGISTER ONLINE:  http://bitly.com/QUeVF0

For our first event in this series, NYWSE will be featuring member Nicole Stubbs and her social enterprise, First Access. Nicole will present the First Access business model and accomplishments, and then outline a challenge she's currently going through as a woman entrepreneur in her first year in business. NYWSE members and attendees, with the help of our facilitator Elyse Marr from Jump Associates and Kellee Joost from Pipeline Fellowship, will brainstorm to help Nicole push past this challenge.

The evening is designed to be a practical and solutions-based exercise for the speaker, but will also serve as inspiration, idea-sharing, and a connection to resources for all participants.

Come ready to voice honest opinions, hear strategic issues, tackle challenges, and create solutions!

Read more about partners and the event below.

NYWSE team



CEO and Co-founder of First Access

Focused on supporting entrepreneurship in emerging markets, Nicole has experience in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Prior to First Access, Nicole worked with the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) to create a policy and advocacy strategy, and conducted an extensive survey on talent and compensation practices among impact investors and capacity development providers in emerging markets. She also helped design and launch MicroWorld, a Paris-based social enterprise that offers P2P and CSR microlending opportunities in Senegal, Cambodia, Peru, Lebanon and Tajikistan. She has contributed strategic research on private equity and venture capital trends in emerging markets to Endeavor Global in NYC, on Chinese microfinance policy to PlaNet Finance China, and on the expansion of pilot community healthcare programs in Tibet to Surmang Foundation, which has provided free healthcare to over 150,000 Tibetans.

Nicole holds a Master of Public Administration degree in development economics and social enterprise from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She also has a self-designed degree in Writing about Culture from Kenyon College, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, and with Highest Honors. She has also studied at Tsinghua University in Beijing and the School for International Training in Fortaleza, Brazil. She speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin, and is working, too slowly, on basic competence in Swahili, Wolof and Malagasy.

Connect with First Access:

Website: http://www.first-access.org

Twitter: @1stAccess


OUR HOST: Jump Associates

Elyse Marr, Design Strategist

Elyse Marr is a design strategist at Jump Associates helping companies create new businesses and reinvent existing ones. Made up of hybrid thinkers – people thinking at the intersection of design, culture, and business - Jump provides Fortune 500 companies new growth strategies to navigate highly ambiguous questions. Prior to Jump, Elyse was product design lead at Embrace Innovations, creating disruptive technology for the Indian healthcare system. In this role, she was responsible for translating ethnographic needs research into actionable insights to inform the development of low-cost infant incubators for mothers and healthcare workers in rural villages. Elyse also has experience launching new ventures in the Silicon Valley, mapping systems for adoption strategies and theory of change, designing products for social impact, and services for behavior change. Her projects have included quantitative-self wearable devices, surgical simulators for medical training, and a new type of product category called “calming technology.” Elyse received her B.S in Product Design from Stanford’s School of Engineering. Outside of work, she continues to be an art activist creating public spaces for memorialization and community building, as well as a mentor helping social entrepreneurs conduct research in the emerging market and structure their design cultures to drive innovation.

Jump is a growth strategy firm, whose approach integrates design, business, and social science. We help Fortune 500 companies assess their existing strengths, reframe their competitive landscape, define new products and services, and transform their most compelling ideas into actionable business plans ready for implementation.

Connect with Jump Associates:

Website: http://www.jumpassociates.com

Twitter: @JumpAssociates @ElyseMarr


INVESTOR PERSPECTIVE: Pipeline Angels (Pipeline Fellowship's alumnae network)

Kellee Joost, 2012 NYC Pipeline Fellowship Graduate

Kellee Joost has a background as an entrepreneur, fundraiser, marketer, and public policy professional. Most recently she was co-founder and managing director of Integrative Pet Care, an animal rehabilitation center in Chicago, taking the entity from conception to capitalization to realization and its sale. Now residing in New York with her husband, she is an operations consultant for Hope Sings, serves on the Season of Cambodia planning team, and is an avid international traveler. Kellee holds a BA in Communications Arts and Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University.

The Pipeline Fellowship is an angel investing bootcamp for women philanthropists. Fellows commit to invest in a woman-led for-profit social venture in exchange for equity and a board seat. Pipeline Angels is Pipeline Fellowship's alumnae network.

Connect with Pipeline Fellowship:

Website: http://www.pipelinefellowship.com

Twitter: @PipelineFellows


NYWSE: Introducing the Women for Women Series

Women for Women is a new NYWSE Series where changemaking women in the community come together to make ideas happen. Made up of more than 1800 women, NYWSE members have the unique opportunity to access the resources needed within our own community to accomplish goals. The purpose of this series is to create a venue that connects our members to those resources and fosters authentic, long-lasting supportive relationships to build a more solutions-based community.

At each event in this series, one woman within the NYWSE community will pitch her organization or project, present a challenge she's going through, and invite NYWSE members to brainstorm solutions as a community. Participants benefit from learning about different models for change from a fellow NYWSE member and connect to causes they're passionate about.

NYWSE has partnered with Jump Associates, an innovation and growth strategy consulting firm, to facilitate the interactive discussion around the issues our speakers bring up, as well as a strategic collaboration with the PipelineFellowship's alumnae network, Pipeline Angels, to bring an investor's perspective to the conversation.

Connect with NYWSE:

Website: http://www.ywse.org/nywse

Twitter: @NYWSE

October 16, 2012

"Asia Society" Featuring Claire Chiang, Senior VP at Banyan Tree Holdings




Monday, October 22 • 6:30PM - 8PM

Please join Dinda Elliott, Global Affairs Editor at Condé Nast Traveler, for a conversation with social activist, entrepreneur and author Claire Chiang on corporate social entrepreneurship in Asia.

Claire Chiang is Senior Vice President of Banyan Tree Holdings, and a Co-Founder of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, a leading developer and manager of premium resorts, urban hotels and destination spas around the world. She pioneered the group's retail business in 1996 and has since overseen the launch of more than 80 retail outlets worldwide. Chiang is also the chairperson of Banyan Tree Global Foundation, which was established in early 2009 by Banyan Tree Holdings. Chosen as Singapore's Woman of the Year in 1999 for her numerous contributions to a more civil and pluralistic society, Chiang has also served as a nominated Member of Parliament and was one of the first women to be admitted to the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, breaking the tradition of an all-male chamber.

Continue Reading...

Click here to purchase tickets

October 09, 2012

Susty Party: More Than Your Average Party

by Hannah Jang, Chief Blogger

Ever feel guilty about the waste produced from using plastic plates and utensils when hosting a party? Susty Party is the solution. Created to provide everything for an eco-friendly party, the Susty Party has it all: utensils, cups, straws, plates, napkins, and decorations. Emily Doubilet, Founder of Susty Party has made it especially easy for local New Yorkers by providing composting and free order pick-up. So, you can have your guilt-free party, cake AND eat it too! 

How did you come up with the idea for Susty Party?

Shortly after graduating from Oberlin College, I was living in New York City, working as a sustainability director at a manufacturing company, and creating events as a performance artist. I've always been interested in the intersection between art and the environment. I believe people need to laugh and be entertained in order to truly appreciate nature and the world around us. I became obsessed with making the events and parties that I threw as eco-friendly as possible, but I was having difficulty sourcing tableware. I decided to create Susty Party to meet the need for eco-friendly party supplies and to help people party sustainably!

What makes Susty Party eco-friendly and sustainable? 

Sustainability is a continuum and nothing can really be 100% sustainable. It's a moving target and we're trying to shift industries and consumer products to achieve greater and greater sustainability. The products created by Susty Party or curated and sold by sustyparty.com earn at least three badges in our badge system. We're also a certified YouthTrade social enterprise and a B Corporation – so we have structures in place to value environment and community just as much as financial returns to shareholders.

What are your best-selling products? 

Best-sellers are our Susty Party plates, bowls and straws that just launched into Whole Foods Markets!

How do you carry out a successful composting process? (i.e. After Party Take Back Program)

We offer a take back program only for our New York customers, but we hope to expand certain take back points across the country. We hope to partner with other manufacturers and retailers of compostable consumer products to provide more opportunities for people to compost nationwide.

Can you share some of your top tips for a great green party?

- Clearly label recycling, compost and landfill bins. Our signage might help!

- For house parties, tell guests to LEAVE plastic bags at home (no plastic bag policy).

- Source food and beverage from local producers. If you're a local in Brooklyn with us – shout out to all the food vendors at Smorgasburg!

- Check our Event Guide for more tips and tricks.


About Emily Doubilet Emily-and-jessica-of-susty-party

Emily Doubilet grew up with an appreciation for nature and for parties! With underwater photographer
parents, she marveled at the natural world from a young age, and as an Environmental Studies major at
Oberlin College, she studied how to preserve it. As a performer, musician and entertainer, she wanted to help people laugh and have fun while protecting the planet. This led her to found Susty Party.