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January 05, 2010

Announcing NYWSE Emerging Sustainability Leaders (ESL) Program

Join New York Women Social Entrepreneurs (NYWSE) for their upcoming Emerging Sustainability Leaders (ESL) Program.

NYWSE ESL will provide you, a female professional, with the support and training you need to ensure your workplace becomes more sustainable.  Wherever you are in your sustainability efforts at your company (starting a recycling program, creating a sustainability committee, reducing packaging, greening your supply-chain, etc.), this program will provide the tools to empower you. 

Sustainability is a critical issue for all industries and affects organizations of all shapes, sizes, and missions, from corporations to government offices, from academic institutions to nonprofits.  It is not enough to know WHY sustainability needs to be integrated into the workplace.  NYWSE ESL will teach you HOW to help your company take practical steps to become more sustainable and profitable.  You will:

  • Receive cutting-edge training from a leading sustainability expert
  • Learn from the latest case studies 
  • Understand the six key principles that you will need to succeed
  • Get feedback from thought leaders in the field on your sustainability initiative

The program will provide training based upon the book Climb The Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable (Wiley).  Climb The Green Ladder interviewed 80+ sustainability leaders and hundreds of employees from around the world who have made sustainability happen at their workplaces.  They shared best practices, lessons learned, and advice on how to implement a sustainability initiative from within. 

You will have the opportunity to speak directly with Bob Willard, a leading expert in sustainability. 

At the last session, you will present your business case to a panel of experts who will provide you with key feedback, on your strategy and implementation tactics, to ensure the success of your sustainability initiative.

NYWSE ESL will provide you with the community, support and thought leadership that you need to succeed.  To learn more about the NYWSE ESL, download the NYWSE ESL application.

Ensure you move your career and your workplace forward. Join us.

Download NYWSE ESL Application

Deadline: January 25, 2010

Contact Information: Shari Aaron, [email protected]      


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english as a second language

Very cool. More training is always an excellent thing! Hope it continues to do well.


Great Article... a good way to feel better at our jobs by driving intra-innovation. Thanks for putting this out there in the world!

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